At ResCom Inspections, LLC our professional home inspections cover all major structural and mechanical items.


Property grading – Proper slope of the grading

Septic or Sewer – Location, type.

Water Service – Location, type.


Foundation – Type, access, condition.

Crawl Space or Basement – General condition of the walls, floors, beams, floor framing system, and the absence or presence of water penetration.

Plumbing System – General condition of all water lines, drain lines, fixtures, sump pumps, and water heater.

Environmental Systems.

Heating and cooling systems – Location, type, operation, humidifiers, air cleaners.

Electrical System – Type, size of service, compatibility of wiring, safety of wiring.

Built-in Appliances – Type and operation.


Roof – Type, flashings, chimneys, gutters, downspouts, attic vents, and plumbing vents.

Exterior Walls – Type and condition of windows, doors, soffits, veneer or wall coverings.